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56% of SME’s don’t have a YouTube presence

SME’s awareness of social media as a channel to their customers continues to rise. This inforgraphic (based on US research) show the growth of several individual platforms an interestingly highlights both the awareness of business owners as well as the implementation.

It’s unsurprising that awareness of small business marketing ideas is a lot higher than adoption in some areas, and perhaps the more important figure are the ones not shown and the number of businesses not using all the tools available to them. Knowing you have customers using a platform is great, but as we share, unless you have processes to use that technology in a way that fits in with your business capabilities, you are unlikely to see any benefit as it will become too much of a burden. Some of the headline figures that caught my attention are:
  • 61% of small business owners use social media to identify and attract new customers
  • 71% use Facebook as a channel
  • Only 5% use Foursquare
  • 56% don’t have any presence on YouTube.

This last point is particularly surprising. Given the huge appetite for video content in almost all markets & the simple tools available for SME’s to record video, this is A missed opportunity for many businesses. With YouTube accounting for almost as many searches as Google for many terms, savvy business owners could take the lead in acquiring this traffic.

Ideas for video content
  • Product launch
  • Location reviews
  • Staff interviews
  • Expert reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Behind the scenes look
  • Industry news

Whether it’s a to camera piece or a screen recording, make a commitment to start using video as part of your overall strategy. Post the content to YouTube and be sure to link back to that content from your site.

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