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6 Excellent Small Business Websites You Can Learn From


KISS – (keep it simple stupid) applies to site design as much as anything else.  Here are 6 examples of businesses who keep their message front and center.

Customer focused layouts not only look better, but increase conversions but removing any needless friction in the buying process.

6 Excellent Small Business Websites To Learn From

Small businesses are putting an increased focus on improving their websites this year, according to a recent report. With the slew of web design mistakes that small businesses are notorious for making, there is vast room for improvement.

For small businesses looking to clean up their websites, here are six quick tips for improvement:

Provide a succinct product description and purchasing instructions.
Choose a web design that enhances content, rather than distracts from it.
If you’re asking users to interact with content, opt for a simple call-to-action prompt.
Make sure the site is easy to navigate.
Drive conversation by choosing engaging topics and asking interesting questions via a corporate blog.
Put your service at the forefront. Don’t make users dig for it.
With these tips in mind, we’ve selected six small business websites that have mastered each of these areas. Let us know which small business websites you admire in the comments below.

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