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About us

Based in the UK, Manumit Marketing are a dedicated team of online marketing professionals who are passionate about helping businesses develop their online presence and generate more business.

Having a background in business management and search optimisation rather than web design, we are able to focus specifically on the strategies that have the greatest chance of generating the results that support business goals rather than simply the design elements of a website (though of course this has it’s place).  We are fanatical about testing to ensure the numbers drive our actions rather than opinions.

Based in the UK we deliver geographically independent solutions.  This ensures all of our clients whether in London, Leeds, Lyon or LA get the same great level of service.  This approach also allows us to suggest the technology we use, to our customers, allowing everyone to make the most of their valuable time.

We employ technology to provide a face to face service without needing to be face to face.


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