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Are You Improving Your Signal?

Improving Your Signal

Seobooks recent article highlights a trend we’ve been discussing with clients since the beginning of the year – What comes after Google?

To put this in perspective, we’re not suggesting Google is going anywhere anytime soon, but increasingly we’re asking our customers to think beyond SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) ranking and think more about effective customer engagement.

“Classical SEO signals (on-page optimization, link anchor text, domain names, etc.) have value up until a point, but if Google is going to keep mixing in more and more signals from other data sources then the value of any single signal drops.”

This comment highlights the need to consider your messages beyond your website and search results as these wider messages contribute more and more to your presence which in turn impacts search results.  In an environment where everyone is trying to game (or at least maximise) the system, consumers and search engines are all looking for more reliable indicators (signal) about your product or service.  If you are a reasonable business with a good product or service, one of the most reliable and trusted ways to generate this signal is to engage your customers and potential customers in the places they already hang out, and have them create that signal for you.

Again, this isn’t the end of search as we know it, but the game has moved on.  If your business has any competition, the old familiar SEO techniques may now be only be the new baseline.  Your marketing above and beyond this may now be what separates you from the crowd.


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