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Article: Facebook Pages Attract Online Shoppers to Retailer Sales and Promotions Compete Online Shopper Intelligence Study Examines Role of Facebook in Retail

Statistic from Compete show Facebook is becoming more important in customers buying decisions. As more and more companies develop their Facebook presence as a hub for customer engagement, this pattern reinforces itself. 

Facebook gives businesses an unparalleled opportunity to share information with customers especially if  they deliver something of value. 

Rather than simply using Facebook as another channel to distribute press releases or sales messages, think about building your relationship with customers. Consider how 'real' users engage with their friends and look to emulate sine of those traits. 

According to Compete, one quarter of consumers now visit an official Facebook page for a retailer or consumer product at least once a month. And more than half of these respondents (56 percent) say they use retailers’ Facebook pages to keep up to date on sales and promotions.

Facebook pages are also influencing purchasing decisions. More than 20 percent of consumers said that Facebook pages have been “influential” or “extremely influential” in making a purchasing decision.


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