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UK Mobile internet use nearing 50%

Mobile browsing continues to increase according to the latest monthly ONS survey.  The survey of 1800 adults found that over 45% of respondents connect to the internet from a mobile device.  This was substantially higher within the younger age group with 71% of 16-24 yr olds connecting on the […]Discover more

Twitter use doubles across European business leaders

The increase in the use of social media among senior European executives is evidenced again today by the latest survey from CNBC. Twitter usage across this group has risen to 61% of respondents, however there is still a lack of certainty at the board level as to […]Discover more

Google is getting serious about paid backlinks to your site

Google for a long time has specifically addressed site it felt were in breach of it's guidelines. This has included delisting sites that are selling links for the purpose of manipulating 'page rank' to influence search results.  Recently, a number of site owners have received a mail […]Discover more

Article: Facebook Pages Attract Online Shoppers to Retailer Sales and Promotions Compete Online Shopper Intelligence Study Examines Role of Facebook in Retail

Statistic from Compete show Facebook is becoming more important in customers buying decisions. As more and more companies develop their Facebook presence as a hub for customer engagement, this pattern reinforces itself.  Facebook gives businesses an unparalleled opportunity to share information with customers especially if  they deliver […]Discover more

Article: Google Public Policy Blog: Me, Myself and I: Helping to manage your identity on the web

Google promotes the 'About Me' feature of it's profile tool as a way to see how others see you online. This is useful for business owners who may have a strong individual association with their business or where their brand is more personality than corporate.  As Google […]Discover more

Effectiveness of online reviews

More data from Nielsen on the effectiveness of online recommendations. Though US based, the numbers historically are broadly comparable to UK figures.One of the most important factors for local businesses is the credibility consumers give to recommendations. For a long time consumers became more siloed as they […]Discover more

Kids Today: How the Class of 2011 Engages with Media

Nielsen's recent post on the class of 2011 highlights how kids today interact with media. As these are your customers of tomorrow, it's important to take note. Yes they'll probably spend less time watching video once they get a job, but having grown up with it, the kids […]Discover more

Highlights from the Google Offer Business Help Files

Google continues to roll out its 'Offers' program to a number of cities in the US. 'Offers', a similar service to the existing Groupon service, provides an opportunity for business to define a specific offer to publish. The service from Google will publish these offers in conjunction […]Discover more

Save The Date! Smart Wedding Invitations Use Smartphones

QR codes are increasingly being used by savvy businesses and individuals to bridge the gap between offline and online worlds. When Melody Chalaban and her fiancee went to notify friends and family of their upcoming wedding, they did more than just point guests to a Web site. […]Discover more

Social Media Listening: Can You Afford to Ignore the Conversation Any Longer?

Why you need to understand the importance of social media. Let me  put this in plain english for you… People are talking about you and your brand! The truth is if you are in business, if you have customers, if you have partners, if you have come […]Discover more


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