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Effectiveness of online reviews

More data from Nielsen on the effectiveness of online recommendations. Though US based, the numbers historically are broadly comparable to UK figures.

One of the most important factors for local businesses is the credibility consumers give to recommendations. For a long time consumers became more siloed as they moved from the high street to online, however as technology improves to make publishing and displaying reviews and recommendations across multiple sites more practical and engaging, the instinct to seek the opinion of other people (especially friends) becomes more powerful. 

How can business owners benefit from this? By instilling a review culture in your business you will dramatically increase the number of reviews available to be referenced. Businesses have many touch points with customers and simply by adding a 'Have you reviewed us yet' line with a link to a relevant review source can start to deliver results. 

With social proof becoming more important across the search environment, this is something you should be considering sooner rather than later. 

Recommendations from personal acquaintances was cited as the most trusted form of advertisement by U.S. Internet consumers (76%). Forty-nine percent said they trusted consumer opinions posted online.

Mobile advertising is increasingly finding its way into mobile apps, with teenagers being much more receptive than their elders. 58 percent of teens say they “always” or “sometimes” look at mobile ads.


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