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Google Wants Your Photo

Google Places Photo   Marissa Mayer, Google’s head of Local Business, today announced the expansion of their photo shoot offer for businesses in 31 cities across the world (including London).  This offer is not entirely altruistic and is designed to help businesses boost the content in their Google Places listing. [youtube style=”text-align:center”]opB1nlkWw2c[/youtube]

For those of you further afield, or not interesting in using this service, the underlying message is still an important one.  Places listings with fully completed categories and content, rank better in map based search results, and convert better once customers land on these Places pages.  In Marissa’s own words:

What are the benefits of requesting a photo shoot of my business? Just as you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t always judge a business by its exterior. Interior photographs are a great way to show potential customers what your business is really like. By enhancing your Place Page, business photos will help your business stand out above the competition and get discovered on Google. Millions of users will be able to visit your establishment from the comfort of their own homes, or preview it to help them decide on a visit. Best of all, it’s free!

So what have you done to boost your results?


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