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Highlights from the Google Offer Business Help Files

Google continues to roll out its 'Offers' program to a number of cities in the US. 'Offers', a similar service to the existing Groupon service, provides an opportunity for business to define a specific offer to publish. The service from Google will publish these offers in conjunction with the Google Places tool. 

Mike Blumenthal's update on the revised terms of service (extract below) highlights some of the concerns that business owners have. 

Our opinion is that given the inevitable delay in rolling out to the UK, there will be time for the implementation of these terms to 'bed in'. As with any service, there are specifics you need to adhere to, but given Googles reach and the appetite of consumers for offers, this is definitely a platform you should consider. 

We'll keep you updated as the service rolls out to the UK.

A related offering is the Groupon Now service, also scheduled for a 2011 UK release.

Can I Change scheduled dates and canceling live offers

Once an offer is scheduled, there is very little flexibility to make changes to your start date

Once an offer is live, you won’t be able to cancel or make changes to the details, copy or terms


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