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Optimize your website

Optimize your website results

Having a presence on the web is important so that people can quickly and easily find out about the products or services that you offer and it is now more likely than ever that your website will be your first contact with a potential customer. A website is no longer a nice to have and is essential for both acquiring customers and building credibility.  An effective website doesn’t have to be expensive and over-designed, but it has to be optimised to work as hard for your business as possible.  Too many businesses pay over the odds for websites that may look nice, but do little to attract new customers or rank for relevant search engine queries.

How is your website performing ?

Manumit Marketing can get your site working hard for you.  If don’t have a site yet we can help build a simple, cost-effective solution designed to generate attract customers from the start.

  • Website optimisation

Optimisation is used to improve your website’s results through the use of specific, relevant content and valuable links pointing to your site from around the web. When a customer enters a certain phrase in a search engine, and your content provides a good, authoritative match, it is returned in a prominent position in the results.  Through analysis of the phrases your customers use to search for specific products and services (the information they are searching for), and the examination of how your competitors use this information, Manumit Marketing can help you formulate a content strategy to get the best results.

In addition, analysing your website for usability, technical and performance issues can identify further opportunities to improve your web presence.

  • Email Marketing

It is widely accepted that it is more than seven times easier to sell to an existing customer than to convert a new one, and email marketing is a cost-effective way of reaching a wide audience of customers and potential customers who have already indicated an interest in your business. By collecting these details you can remain engaged with these individuals and, by providing valuable, interesting information, present them with buying opportunities throughout the year rather than each customer being a one-off transaction.

Manumit Marketing create solutions to help you create and maintain this database as well as advise on the best way to make the most of this valuable resource.

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