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What Are QR Codes

A QR code linking a URLA QR (Quick Response) code is a two dimensional bar code capable of storing various types of data including phone numbers, contact details of website addresses (URL’s). When a QR code is scanned by a Smartphone, the phone will decipher the QR code & immediately link the person to the information stored in the code. With one scan, your customers could be linked directly to a website containing further information or a phone number where you’re waiting to take their call. QR codes represent a friction free way of linking the real world, with a mobile device.


Universal reach

There are more Internet enabled mobile devices than desktop PC’s and QR codes enable you to offer customers a way of accessing dynamic, real-time information not previously possible. Smartphone’s account for over 40% of mobile phones in the UK, a number that is increasing month on month as older handsets get replaced. This increasing audience have access to a wide range of very popular applications including ‘Red-Laser’ and the Google tools app that are capable of reading QR codes on devices like iPhones & Blackberrys. These applications are also available on Android devices, with Googles own model of Nexus phone having a QR reader built into the operating system.

One code, many solutions

There are many scenarios where QR codes can provide the answer to engaging customers in a seamless way. Thanks to their ease of use, the ability to create various data types as well as the dynamically update and track online campaigns, QR codes are the way forward for Recruiters, Retailers, Exhibitors, Estate Agents, Restaurants, the list can go on and the examples below will give you an insight into how your business can benefit.

Recruitment example: B&Q, Siemens, MI5 & Jobserve have all recently incorporated QR codes in their recruitment campaigns. These have varied in complexity from potential candidates being take to recruitment portals or individual positions on the company websites, to integrating with mobile friendly websites & apps that can store the job information for later. Jobserves inclusion of QR codes on their website postings allows users to quickly move a position information from the relatively public computer display to the privacy of their mobile phone. For broader recruitment campaigns where the aim is to increase awareness, a QR code could be situation where the job is taking place. For example, a ‘You could be working here’ poster or sticker on a train or in a store could link to a role description tailored to the location of the scanned code.

QR Code to a Map


Exhibitor/Estate Agent example: If you rely on passing traffic having the ability for customer to quickly access more information is essential as you aim to increase engagement. Exhibitors displaying QR codes on stands or products can immediately connect customers with more detailed product information or the latest sales prices. Estate agents would see significant return from linking a QR code on the sale board to the specific online brochure of that individual house, or direct to the phone number of the sales agent.

QR Code to a Phone Number

Phone number

Restaurant example: Restaurants and hotels perhaps more than any other industry rely on reviews. Including a QR code with the bill that links directly to the review site of your choice will enable satisfied customers to quickly leave a review at the moment they are most satisfied with the service rather than relying on their good will at some point in the future. Alternatively a QR code on the outside of the building may link to an online reservations service or simply a phone number to ensure customer have the easiest way possible to make a reservation there and then.

QR Code to Text


Better interaction with your customers

The biggest benefit or integrating a QR campaign into your engagement process is the enabling your customers to gain access to further information with the minimum amount of input. To discover how simple it can be to engage your customers in a way that supports your goals and provides specific, measureable analytics call or contact us today for a no obligation chat about the possibilities.

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