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Twitter use doubles across European business leaders

The increase in the use of social media among senior European executives is evidenced again today by the latest survey from CNBC. Twitter usage across this group has risen to 61% of respondents, however there is still a lack of certainty at the board level as to the ability of executives to stay up to date with the changes in the technology platforms. This evidence supports our message that business leaders continue to see the value in technologies ability to engage stakeholders, however there is a knowledge gap leading to a hesitant uptake by this group. Better engagement and understanding by business leaders would see benefits across organisations as social media’s advantages in sharing messages and listening to sentiment are realised.

The use of Twitter has increased from 31% to 61% among Europe’s top business leaders, while 15% now have an iPad, according to research by CNBC. The findings are part of CNBC’s Europe’s Mobile Elite 2011 survey, which polled European business chiefs about how they use technology at work and in their free time. Some 45% of respondents said they were not confident they were keeping pace with the rate of technology change in their respective industries, a slip in confidence of 15% from 2010. The growing impact of social media was evidenced by 61% of respondents who said they believed social media was changing the way they did business – up from only a quarter in 2010. The iPhone was the most popular mobile phone among those surveyed, with ownership increasing from 19% to 21% year on year. The BlackBerry is keeping pace with iPhone in terms of popularity, as ownership increased from 18% to 20% year on year. Source article


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