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Understanding Local Search Listings

Local Marketing Results

Online search engines increasingly rank search results with a local map location. Most people that search online only have the patience to view the first page results, and it is therefore crucial for your business to be ranked as high as possible.  A local listing for your business is an excellent opportunity to gain this first page result.  If your business already has a first page result, verifying and maximising the content in your local listing will ensure maximum exposure.

Local Listing Results

There are a number of ways that Manumit Marketing can help your business improve your local listings results.  Our team’s in-house tools and processes will give you a competitive edge by analysing your competition and assessing exactly what is required to get you a better result.  Not only will you benefit from our expertise, but we can also contribute to your ongoing success by acquiring those all important citations, helping you gain more reviews from satisfied customers and managing your special offer campaigns.

  • Maximise your listing We will take your existing listing and boost your content. Most listings contain very little detail; we’ll make sure yours is full of optimised content to get it shown more prominently and in more results
  • Increase your citations In addition to content, the biggest contributor to local listing positions are citations. In relation to local listing results, citations add authority to your listing. Our team will analyse your market and industry to get the best inside information on who is winning in the search results and why. We then use this information to make sure you are listed in the most relevant sites. Don’t pay for unnecessary directory listings again. We’ll find the citations that matter.
  • Improve your reviews Reviews are included in your local listing whenever they are found by the search engines. Do you know what is being said about your business? Let us investigate and compare you with your competition.  We will then create a winning strategy to engage your customers.
  • Create valuable offers Coupons and offers are an  engaging way to encourage and reward customers.  These can match existing offline campaigns, or be unique to your online site.  Either way, a compelling reason to including a coupon is that the search engines will return your results more prominently than those of your competition.  Simply tell us what you want to offer and we’ll do the rest, including ensuring the details are updated online, designing a clickable coupon and making sure there is a way to track their effectiveness.

Manumit Marketing will provide competitor analysis of how other businesses in your area  are ranking and advice on ways to raise your local profile.

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