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Understanding Mobile Search

Mobile Search Results

By 2012 20% of all online searches will come from mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, and this figure is set to increase as people upgrade to Smartphones. It is important that your business is optimised to be found by such devices, quickly and in a user-friendly format.  As search engines develop , sites that are mobile-friendly are increasingly likely to be returned in mobile searches.  With 54% of Smartphone users confirming they use their phone to find a retailer, this trend is one your business needs to be a part of.  As technology improves and becomes more accepted, we are starting to see the mobile phone replace your wallet and potentially your keys, creating the single device almost everyone has with them at all times.

  • Mobile Landing Pages

Searches from mobile devices are limited by screen size and bandwidth so it is important to have a mobile-optimised version of your website. You do not need a new web address: intelligent coding identifies the search as coming from a mobile device and directs the searcher to the mobile version of your website that is designed to provide quick, relevant information to customers on the move.  Businesses without mobile landing pages will lose out as customers cannot see any of your information or view a competitor page that loads quickly with key information.

Mobile searches look for specific information from your website, such as location, contact information or directions. As one in three mobile searches are people looking for something local it is important that if your business provides local products or services that you optimise your website in order to be found.

Also, by correctly designing your mobile landing page to include a ‘click to call’ function your customers can call you directly from that web search result.

QR codes are used to connect your offline marketing to your online presence. A QR code is a unique barcode that when ‘read’ by a Smartphone it links the customer directly to you, for example via your website or phone number. The success of a QR code campaign can easily be tracked as the click-through rate can be monitored, and the data collected can be used to support future email marketing.

Imagine how many more reviews you could generate if your satisfied customer simply had to scan a code rather than remember to type in a website, or the increase in leads if potential customers simply had to scan a passing advertisement or brochure rather than trying to remember your address or phone number.

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