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Understanding Social Media Marketing

Social Media results

Social media websites are no longer just for social activity and are now a core channel for businesses to engage with their customers. It is important to build and maintain relationships with your customers in the online places they visit. Using social websites such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube can generate brand awareness, increased online traffic and, importantly, add ‘social proof’ to your business or service as potential customers see reviews and recommendations, often from their own friends.

An overlooked element of social media is the amount of intelligence you can collect on your industry, product/service, yourselves and your competitors.  If you are thinking of launching a new product, and want to know what customers love or hate about a business or service, or want to find out what customer needs your industry is not yet fulfilling Manumit Marketing can save you valuable time and money by researching these questions.

Manumit Marketing can create the necessary accounts for you,  we can monitor conversations on your industry and highlight opportunities for you to contribute to the dialogue.  We can also provide guidance on the most effective way for you to interact in this new online environment.

  • Facebook

There are now more than 30 million UK Facebook users: that is almost half the UK population.  And if you successfully engage with your customers in this online space this interaction is seen by their friends.  This concept, difficult to replicate in any other medium, is effectively a personal recommendation for your business.  Facebook also enables you to advertise to specific demographic groups in a way that can not be replicated in other environments. Whether you’re looking to advertise or promote offers to certain age groups, geographic locations or gender, or only to friends of those who have ‘liked’ you, all of this is possible.

The increasing propensity for search engines to include such ‘social signals’ as a factor in their search results,  businesses who do not adapt to this change will find themselves increasingly at a disadvantage, with a widening gap to close on their competition.

  • Twitter

Twitter is your opportunity to understand and be part of conversations relevant to your sector. Twitters engagement differs to Facebook in that  short messages are broadcast rather than customers being encouraged  to a website.  It gives business owners somewhere you can develop your reputation as a thought leader and share information, giving authority and association to your brand.  Journalists and other industry specialist often use Twitter to search for relevant conversations, and by engaging in the conversation you can establish yourself in your sector.  This will increase you’re the   profile of you business. Again, Twitter is a valuable contributor to the ‘social signals’ that search engines use to establish your authority in result rankings.

  • YouTube

With an astonishing 2.9 billion hours of videos watched each month on YouTube and an additional 150 years worth of YouTube video watched via Facebook each day, incorporating video into your website will not only increase your customer engagement, but also give you more opportunities to rank in search engine results.

After Google, YouTube receives more searched that any other website.  Every business can benefit from this, whether it’s uploading a review of your business, a ‘how to’ guide, product reviews or testimonials.  The quantity and quality of your content is crucial to both customers and search engines. The online environment is increasingly competitive and video is a surprisingly simple method of developing your brand awareness and keeping ahead of your competitors.

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