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Updates to Google Places make it easier for customers to move on

As Google further develop the layout of their Google Places listings we are now regularly seeing changes. The latest is the addition of a scroll previous/next function above the map thumbnail.

As has been pointed out elsewhere, this only seems to be displaying when searches are carried out in the Maps pages and not when user click a Places listing from the 7 pack or blended results from a regular search page. It also isn’t showing for all searches, for example today it is displaying for Dentist Leicester, but didn’t for Dentist Croydon. The most likely scenario then to trigger this for a desktop search is where a user enters a broad search from the regular search page, clicks on a Places Page and from the Maps page then further refines with another search.

So at the moment not too much of an issue, however if this rolls out to the normal search results, it will be further reason to ensure you have enough compelling information within your listing to prevent customers from needing to move on.

As it becomes easier to ‘swipe’ from one listing to the next, anaemic listings will become more and more noticeable, whilst giving customers less and less confidence.

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